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A search engine with the potential to displace the largest social networks

Avoiding the lack of privacy within these social networks, “” is becoming the largest and trustworthy People Database in The World.

The main reason for creating was the search of missing people by misfortune. But by using what we have called “Life Footprints”, which is common data that does not compromise confidentiality, the potential that now has is almost unlimited.

With this system, unique until now, we’ve achieved encounters between people who have really met during their lives, through the internet (even without knowing the actual location). It’s almost like being visible to the world, without really being.

In a short period of time, our slogan will be an absolute truth: Distance no longer exists.

People separated by wars, emigrants who lost contact with their families, or simply friends who have lost track of each other will be reunited, without the need to pay, or to disclose personal information such as addresses or telephone numbers and far from it, financial information!

Until not so long ago, an “easy” way to search was through the white pages, but with the arrival of mobile devices, the search in white pages became useless.

A very important feature in is that it’s useless to create a false profile. If a person tries to supplant another one with his/her footprints, it is easy for the person being supplanted to find it out, and this doesn’t occur in common social networks, where anyone can create a false profile.

So this is what will happen soon: when somebody searches for you in case you’re not registered, that person may end up finding very close family of yours because of the match in information which makes it easier for you to be found. People are being aware of this and understanding how our search system works.  Another advantage is that people understand the seriousness and the main reason why Closepeople was created. One proof of this is that so far there haven't been any inappropriate pictures uploaded.

Since is all about social service, it is totally free, because keeping in touch must not be only for a privileged few.

We appreciate beforehand to all the media that supports this huge global order social project.